Center of Competence of Orofacial clefts of the Médipôle Garonne

Les opérations de Fentes Labiales - Chirurgie des lèvres | Fentes Labio Palatines

Cleft lip

The cleft may only concern the lip, on one side it is called unilateral cleft lip (photo 1), or on both sides, it is then a bilateral cleft lip (photo 2).

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Cleft palate

The cleft palate, when isolated, is not visible from the outside. This is why the diagnosis is not always done immediately at birth.

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Chirurgie des Fentes Labiopalatines | Fentes Labio Palatines

Orofacial Clefts

The facial buds that will form the lip and the palatal blades that must form the palate did not weld during embryogenesis.

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Les missions humanitaires du Centre de Compétence des Fentes Labiopalatines


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Les autres protocoles pour la chirurgie des Fentes Palatines | Fentes Labio Palatines


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Le système de prise en charge pour la chirurgie des Fentes Labio Palatines

Organization in France

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