For the surgeon, the search for the best possible aesthetic result on the lip and the nose is an obligation. The first surgical phase during the closing operation of the lip is very important. What has not been done or done wrong, will be more difficult to catch up later. We must immediately restore a normal shape to the lip with a good labial height and similar crests. It is necessary to find a right nose, with a symmetry of position of the nostril wings.

But there is not only the aesthetic aspect to take into account, there are also the functions, mobility of the lip, the soft palate and nasal ventilation. A good result is also a child who breathes effortlessly through the nose (see treatment The nostril shaper), a child who speaks well, who hears well, and who has a good afcial growth.

All this can only be achieved with the common effort of all doctors involved in the care of this different child. But also at the cost of an effort by parents to follow the recommendations of the medical team: daily washes of the nasal cavity, bottle feeding (or maternal breast) several months after the palate surgery, regular monitoring of growth, auditory controls, orthodontic follow-up, … A good result is above all a child who is happy to be live, but this is only thanks to his parents’ love…

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